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The study of interactions between people: social influence and sport Psychology.

thumbnail Home Advantage and Team Cohesion
Home ground advantage: why do home teams do better? Championship choke. Team cohesion and the factors that can improve this. Comparison of studies into cohesion. See Home Advantage and Team Cohesion.

thumbnail Social Facilitation
Social facilitation is the increased likelihood that someone will perform better at a task because of the mere presence of others. Drive theory, evaluation apprehension and distraction conflict attempt to explain this. See Social Facilitation.

thumbnail Obedience
Obedience can be said to be at the most extreme end of influence, it is following an order. Famously investigated by Stanley Milgram we evaluate this research. Defiance is going against an order from an authority figure. See Obedience.

thumbnail Minority Influence and Compliance
Minority influence involves a minority persuading the majority about an opinion. Whereas compliance involves somone getting you do agree to do something (usually a purchase). See Minority Influence and Compliance.

thumbnail Majority Influence
Majority influence is a type of social influence known as conformity. This is a change in belief or behaviour in light of a real or imagined pressure, without a direct request. There are two key types normative and informational. See Majority Influence.