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Astronomy is the study of space and its contents.

thumbnail The Universe
The Universe is the entire of what we would call 'space' and is made up of galaxies. The big bang theory is used to explain the start of the universe. Evidence for this theory. Theories as to the future and fate of the universe. See The Universe.

thumbnail Stars
The formation of stars: giant molecular cloud condensing to a prostar, the fusion of hydrogen atoms to helium. The death of stars: collapse to white dwarf, neutron star or even black holes. See Stars.

thumbnail Solar System
Our solar system and the eight planets: terrestrial planets and gas giants. The importance of gravitational pull and its relation to the mass of the planet. Asteroid belt. The orbit of comets and their tails. See The Solar System.

thumbnail Satellites
Natural satellites eg. the moon. Artificial satellites (active or passive). The two different orbits: geostationary and near polar and in which circumstances these are used. Equations for calculating the orbits of satellites. See Satellites.