Welcome to Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry looks at the chemistry used in the real world to produce substances and compounds that are very useful to us:

  • Fractional distilation of crude oil
  • Harber process
  • Contact process
  • Haber ProcessHaber Process to produce ammonia and how to increase yield; use of ammonia in fertilisers.
    ElectrolysisSome basic chemical tests used to find negative or anions.
    Oxidation and ReductionImportance and definitions of oxidation and reduction, learn about redox and metal ores.
    Extraction of AluminiumThe process (graphite cathode/anode, bauxite) of aluminium extraction and uses of the product.
    The Blast FurnaceThe blast furnace and a step by step look at the reactions going on.
    Purification of CopperLearn how tarnished copper can be purified e.g. recycling old copper pipes.
    Crude oil and Fractional DistilationCrude oil is distilled to separate fractions, learn how and the uses.
    SteelMaking steel by bop process (oxygen lance, oxidation of waste gas) uses in making alloys.